BU’s Beth Goldstein, Featured MSNBC Expert, on Entrepreneurship

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May 3rd, 2012

Boston University’s Beth Goldstein was a recent featured expert on MSNBC’s Your Business, a show devoted to entrepreneurial and small-business success.

Goldstein is a School of Management research fellow, director of the School’s $50K New Venture Competition, and alumna (MBA ’91), as well as founder of Marketing Edge Consulting Group and author of the book “Lucky By Design: Navigating Your Path to Success.”

Goldstein, along with co-commentator Angela Jia Kim, answered questions from MSNBC viewers in two segments, “The Secrets to Effective Window Displays” and “Finding a Distributor and How to Increase Repeat Customers.” Among the advice Goldstein gives:

  • On choosing an educational program for entrepreneurs: One size won’t necessary fit all. First, assess your own strengths and weaknesses, and then choose resources that can help you address the latter.
  • On choosing a distributor: It is crucial first to define clearly who your audience is; only then can you strategize how to target them.
  • On small-business sales and marketing strategies such as window-displays: For any entrepreneur or small business, both your product’s image and your personal appearance are the ways you will project “your message to the world.” Entrepreneurs should think of both as the “brick-and-mortar” version of “the elevator pitch.”

Watch both MSNBC Your Business segments here:

The Secrets to Effective Window Displays

The Secrets to Effective Window Displays


The Secrets to Effective Window Displays

Finding a Distributor and How to Increase Repeat Customers