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The New Business School Alliance for Health Management

March 15th, 2012 in Health Sector, HSMP

BU School of Management Helps Found New Organization

BAHM logoBoston University School of Management and Health Sector Management Program are founding members of a new non-profit consortium, the Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM). As the organization’s new web site proclaims: “BAHM’s founding members, indisputably the country’s most prestigious business schools, are united through a passionate commitment to spurring innovation and progress within global health care.”

Created by an initial group of ten members and limited to schools with a health sector focus awarding the MBA, BAHM has already held two case competitions and a day-long session on industry trends hosted by Lockheed-Martin.  Plans are in the works for more case competitions and student-oriented programs, as well as initiatives addressing key issues in the health sector.

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Students Found Global Health and Development Association

March 15th, 2012 in Graduate Students, Health Sector, HSMP, Social Impact

Bridging Management and Global Health & Development

Students from the Health Sector Management Program at Boston University have founded the Global Health and Development Association (GHD). This new organization seeks to bridge the divide between management and global health and development, while directly connecting and involving BU MBA students with issues that affect the developing world.

“We seek to better understand these complex issues of health and development so that we can learn to address them through innovation and effective management,” GHD members explain, through events such as speakers and panels with industry leaders, international collaborative consulting opportunities, alliances with other schools and departments across the University, and social and networking events. “The GHD Association is also a great addition to two clubs already operating within the Health Sector Management Program—the Bio Business Organization and the Health Services Management Association because we present the perspective of providing care in developing countries, emerging economies, and low resource settings,” adds student Meg Meyer (MBA’12).

Participants include primarily first- and second-year MBA students across many concentrations, including the Health Sector Management Program as well as students from the Professional Evening MBA Program, the School of Public Health, the School of Engineering, and the School of Medicine at Boston University.

Recent and upcoming events sponsored by GHD include:

  • Friends of Ngong Road: Using Business Principals to Launch and Grow an International NGO: On Friday, October 14th, 2011, Amy Johnson, Board Member/CFO, and Peter Ndungu, Executive Director, both from Friends of Ngong Road, a Nairobi, Kenya-based NGO, discussed starting and growing an international non-profit using business principles. They covered topics such as creating strong financial controls and metrics; overcoming growing pains and pitfalls; using technology to your advantage; and working with different currencies.
  • Global Health and Diagnostics: Featuring Dr. Una Ryan, President and CEO, Diagnostics for All, discussing her organization’s dedication to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics specifically designed for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of medical access. More
  • Spring 2012 semester back-to schools networking event, co-sponsored by the Bio Business Organization and the Health Services Management Association
  • Fundraiser auction supporting a rural clinic in Palwal, India—one of the destinations of the School’s India Field Seminar
  • Upcoming Speaker Series event in collaboration with Boston University School of Biomedical Engineering, planned for March 29, 2012, and featuring three speakers discussion their experiences in the fields of business, engineering, and public health.
  • Discussion and collaborative learning experience between School of Management and School Engineering students, focused on exploring innovative business models for products that have been developed at BU School of Engineering, including a counterfeit drug detector and a device to diagnose pneumonia.
  • Participation in the Emory for a Global Health Case Competition (March 30th-April 1st)

Explains Meyer, “This club is important to MBAs because many students are interested in or have experience with international health but aren’t quite sure how to integrate it into their career or are interested in learning more about it.  The GHD club gives them an opportunity to hear speakers and meet people with expertise in this area.  It’s also a great opportunity for collaboration across different schools within Boston University. In the future,” Meyer adds, “we hope to continue connecting with other schools throughout BU and establish yearly signature events.”

BU MBAs Win MIT Sloan Case

March 5th, 2012 in Graduate Students, Health Sector, HSMP, MBA, News, Students

Health Sector MBAs Solve Digital Marketing Case

By Lauren Dezenski

BU MBA MIT Sloan Team

The team representing Boston University’s Health Care Management MBA program (Michael Barrett, Timothy Chanoux, Anshuman Mirani, and Matthew Scott, all MBA ’13) won it all on February 24 at the MIT Sloan 2012 Healthcare Case Competition.

The team representing Boston University’s Health Care Management MBA program won it all on February 24 at the MIT Sloan 2012 Healthcare Case Competition. The theme was Digital Marketing for Healthcare.

Michael Barrett, Timothy Chanoux, Anshuman Mirani, and Matthew Scott (all MBA’13) shared the $4,000 first-place check.

The BU MBA Health Sector students faced teams from Harvard, MIT, Babson, and Cornell. “It was really an honor to represent BU in this competition against so many good schools. It was an honor and exciting to come out on top,” said Chanoux.

“Plus, we had a great time. It was great to meet a number of teams that all had great ideas,” Mirani added.

First, the teams had to submit a qualifying application. Of the eighteen submissions, ten teams, including BU, were chosen for the competition. “We were given the case one week in advance of the presentation day,” Mirani said. “We used the first days for brainstorming to be sure to cover all of our bases. That process really helped, and it’s something that is a product of our education here at BU. At the competition, the Q&A’s went really well, specifically because we debated all of these things among ourselves beforehand.”

After making it through one round of presenting followed by a Q&A session, BU and one of three MIT teams were named the two finalists. Following the two presentations, “it took the judges 30 to 45 minutes to deliberate. We were expecting it to be ten minutes, but it shows how tough the competition was,” said Chanoux.

The case was about developing a strategy for the launch of a kidney cancer drug by AVEO Pharmaceuticals (the sponsoring firm), which has just passed Phase III trials. Given the relatively small size and constrained marketing budget for AVEO, the teams had to design a digital media strategy. “We especially liked that all of the information in the case was actual market research done by AVEO, and it was a real business problem that they are currently facing,” Mirani continued. “The judging panel included senior members of the management team of the company and other senior leaders from consulting as well as other health care organizations such as Veritas Health Systems.”

“General feedback from the judges, and the reason we probably won,” said Scott, “was that we had three very different concepts. We were the only group to talk about accountable care; we were the only team to come up with a name for the drug; and we were the only team to brand the research effort. Our BU preparation absolutely helped, especially with the accountable care. The education helped us have a good sense of these things. When we got to finals, we really won with our Q&A.”

HSMP Alumni Group Mentoring Program

December 15th, 2011 in Alumni, Career Related, Graduate Students, Health Sector, HSMP

By Natalie Truesdell (MBA, MPH ‘07) and Naomi Muse (MBA ’07)

The Health Sector Management Alumni Mentorship program was developed in the fall of 2011 in response both to the alumni board’s interest in further connecting with students and to feedback from a broad alumni survey indicating that graduates were interested in structured mentorship opportunities. The program was developed as a group mentoring model pairing a single alumnus with several students to facilitate mutual learning and maximize the alumni-matching process.

The program spans six months, from October through April of each academic year. Students and mentors are matched based on career interests, dual-degree status, and students’ specific areas of desired learning. Students and mentors coordinate their own schedules with the expectation that the groups will meet once a month over the six-month period.

This month, we are collecting mid-point feedback from student and mentors that will be used to further develop and improve the program. Thus far, we have received very positive comments from students. Below are examples from two students. The first is a “career switcher” and thus highly eager to have the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone in the health sector field:

“It has been invaluable to be in contact with a professional who has been through the same program I am in now, especially as a PEMBA and career switcher. My mentor has been really great at connecting me with other alumni and has opened me up to a number of career options.”

Another student explains,

“I’ve been able to bring what I’ve learned to the classroom, and ask questions of my mentor about how the concepts I am learning apply in the ‘real world.’  I have found that my classmates in other disciplines—finance, for example—are jealous of the alumni mentorship opportunity I have had.”

Program Overview:

  • Number of students in the program: 29
  • Number of alumni mentors: 10
  • Alumni class years represented: 1995- 2011
  • Health sector fields represented and number of participating alumni in each field:
    • Biotechology: 1
    • Pharma: 1
    • Medical devices: 1
    • Consulting: 3
    • Health care delivery: 4
    • Job positions and companies of participating alumni:
      • Sales, New England Area Account Manager, BioSero, LLC
      • Manager, ECG Management Consultants
      • CEO, Propel Careers
      • TeleHealth and TeleMedicine Program Manager, Children’s Hospital Boston
      • Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
      • Vice President of Operations, post acquisition integration, Beacon Health Strategies
      • Health Industries Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers
      • Product Manager, Philips Healthcare, (looking at product marketing, strategy, roadmaps and business development)
      • Advisory Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers
      • Director of Planning, Covenant Health Systems

Global Health and Diagnostics

November 15th, 2011 in Health Sector, HSMP

A Talk Sponsored by the Health Sector Management Program

Una Ryan Story Pic

L to R: Dr. Una Ryan, Vinit Nijhawan, Dr. Maggie Huff-Rousselle, Joel Lamstein

On Thursday, November 10th, 2011, the Health Sector Management Program sponsored an event providing students the opportunity to learn about leadership in the field of low cost diagnostics. This area of global health has important implications for new and innovative business models, particularly as medical providers seek to extend care to the “bottom of the pyramid” and improve access to public health services.

Dr. Una Ryan, President and CEO of the Cambridge-based non-profit enterprise Diagnostics for All, was featured speaker.  She discussed her organization’s dedication to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics specifically designed for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of medical access.

Dr. Maggie Huff-Rousselle, Executive-in-Residence at Boston University, moderated the event, along with two responders who addressed the feasibility and possibilities of Dr. Ryan’s diagnostic devices and led a discussion after her talk:

  • Vinit Nijhawan, Managing Director, Boston University Office of Technology Development; Director, Enterprise Programs, Boston University Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
  • Joel Lamstein, Founder and President, John Snow, Inc., an international public health consulting firm

The event was attended by more than 35 students and faculty from Boston University School of Management, School of Public Health, and the School of Engineering’s Biomedical Engineering Program, as well as students from Harvard Business School.

New Patterns of Innovation: Integrated Models of Biopharma

November 15th, 2011 in Alumni, Health Sector, HSMP

An Event from the Fall Alumni Association Speakers Program

L to R: Mike Nohaile, Matt McManus & Patrick F. Terry

L to R: Mike Nohaile, Matt McManus & Patrick F. Terry

In November 2011, the Health Sector Management Program inaugurated a fall speaker event to complement the spring one held for the past five years.  “New Patterns of Innovation” presented a dynamic panel that addressed the rapidly growing and shifting areas of diagnostics and linked therapeutics often labeled “personalized medicine.” After initial remarks the participants engaged in a lively and far-ranging discussion fed by questions and comments from the audience, and an intense discussion continued during the following reception.

Moderator: Jeff Elton, Lecturer, Health Sector Management Program, Boston University School of Management; CEO, the KEW Group

Distinguished Panel:

  • Mike Nohaile, Ph.D., Global Head of Molecular Diagnostics, Novartis
  • Patrick F. Terry, Principal, Pricing and Market Access Practice, Scientia Advisors LLC
  • Matt McManus, MD, PhD, MBA, President and CEO, PrimeraDx

Core sponsors were the Health Sector Management Alumni Association and Health Sector Management Program.  Cosponsors included the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Law, and Engineering, as well as the Health Services Management and Bio Business Organization student organizations at Boston University.