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Students Embark on BU’s Brazilian Field Seminar: Global Sustainability

March 15th, 2010 in Energy & Environment Sector, Global Work, Graduate Students, School, Sectors, SMG Hot Topics, Social Impact, Students

Salvador, São Paulo, Paraty, & Rio de Janeiro


Participants on a previous Brazilian Field Seminar site visitJanuary 2 – 14, 2010

As the new decade begins, a group of Boston University MBA students are embarking on the Brazilian Field Seminar, exploring  how business can use technical innovations, management practices, and entrepreneurial initiatives to address challenges in sustainability.

Students will visit the following organizations, among others—putting them face-to-face with issues of economic development and sustainability in agribusiness, the arts, the financial services industry, and more:

  • Mucambu Association, Salvador
  • Project Via Magia, Salvador
  • Odebrecht Foundation, Salvador
  • Natura, São Paulo
  • Prosperity Investments, São Paulo
  • Ocean Future Society / Dow, São Paulo
  • Pinheiro Neto, São Paulo
  • International Paper, São Paulo
  • Bradesco Foundation, São Paulo
  • Vale do Rio Doce, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2016 Brazil Olympic Committee, Rio de Janeiro

The goal—to allow students to:

  • Develop a basic understanding of current global sustainability challenges
  • Compare and contrast different approaches to corporate social responsibility in Brazil
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of a variety of Brazilian sustainable business models and practices
  • Learn how to identify business opportunities for sustainable development that meet the needs of emerging markets
  • Experience the social and cultural context within which businesses and NGOs operate
  • Explore and develop a personal framework related to the role of business in society

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ITEC Announces Finalists for 10th Annual $50K Business Plan Competition

March 15th, 2010 in Digital Technology Sector, Energy & Environment Sector, Entrepreneurship, Health Sector, School, Sectors, Social Impact, Students


Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and CommercializationBoston University School of Management’s Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (ITEC)  is thrilled to announce the team finalists for the 10th Annual $50K Business Plan Competition :

  • Better Means is a web-based platform platform that fosters entrepreneurial autonomy and organizational belong. BU Team members: Karim BIshay & Adele Burnes
  • CorMend offers a treatment for chronic heart failure. BU Team member Keith Jansen
  • LED 2.0 delivers energy-effiicient LED lighting for residential, commercial and government applications. BU team member Perry Grossman
  • mobiLIFE provides a bluetooth-enabled continuous glucose monitor with precise readings. BU Team members Brian Chan and Dan Collins.

The four teams will compete for prizes worth over $50,000 at the final competition held at the Boston University School of Management on April 7, 2010 and is open to the public.

Each team will present its plan to a panel of judges consisting of VC’s and other members of the business community. The panel of judges considers the quality of the written business plan along with the ability of the team to successfully communicate the goals of their plan.

CB Bhattacharya on Stakeholder Reactions and ROI from CSR Activities

March 2nd, 2010 in Marketing, MediaWatch, Social Impact, Video

In this presentation from the “Creating and Capturing Value through Marketing” conference at Boston University on April 3, 2009, CB Bhattacharya discusses his latest research, which shows that stakeholder reactions to CSR initiatives hinge on four main “levers”: awareness, understanding, usefulness, and unity.

CB Bhattacharya is Professor of Marketing and Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar at Boston University School of Management.

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MBA Student Julien Lee on CSR, Branding, and a Hands-on Class Project

February 22nd, 2010 in Health Sector, MediaWatch, Social Impact, Video

At the student panel for Boston University’s 2009 “Creating and Capturing Value through Marketing” Julien Lee (MBA ’09, Health Sector Management & Marketing) describes the hands-on Corporate Social Responsibility project she’s doing for Pepperidge Farm in her Branding class.

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The New Entrepreneur is Socially Driven and Globally Skilled

February 22nd, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, MediaWatch, Social Impact, Video

In this video interview, Jonathan Rosen, director of the Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (ITEC), describes the "new entrepreneur" coming to ITEC, one whose mission is defined by social and environmental causes and whose skills and goals are defined by global experience.

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