Profile & Statistics

The EMBA Program is composed of individuals who share ambition, intellectual curiosity, a drive to improve, and a tremendous work ethic.

We Look for Busy Executives Who:

  • Have at least 10 years of work experience
  • Work as managers or senior professionals
  • Come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries
  • Continue to work full-time
  • Want to matriculate with like-minded colleagues
Program Composition
Average age of participant 38
Previous graduate degree 26%
Average years of professional experience 15
Average years of managerial experience 8
Aerospace/Defense 7%
Communications/Transportation/Utilities 10%
Consumer Products/Retail 4%
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate 14%
Food/Beverage/Hotel 2%
Health Care/Biotech 13%
Manufacturing 23%
Technology 18%
Other 9%
CEO/CFO or President 12%
Vice President 12%
Manager reporting to Vice President 29%
Other Manager 23%
Director/Supervisor/Senior-level professional 17%
Other (Consultant/Attorney, etc.) 7%