Program Design & Benefits

Highly Relevant, Cross-Functional Curriculum

Our integrated approach strikes a balance between theory and real life through live studies, experiential activities, and class discussions. You won’t find isolated courses because you won’t find isolated functions in business. This approach enables you to analyze the impact of your solutions across all organizational units.

Moreover, you gain these skills in just 18 months: the program begins in December and ends in June of the following year. View the class calendar here.

World-Class Faculty

Classes are taught by senior faculty who have extensive experience working with corporate executives as managers and consultants. Their consulting practices and scholarly research keep them current on new technologies, trends, and best practices.

Team Learning

If you think of teaming as a “soft” skill, then you’ve never experienced true team learning. Once you’re here, you will be calling team learning a lot of things. But “soft” won’t be one of them.

Quality of Participants

Your peers are high-achieving, remarkable professionals. Diverse in their experiences and perspectives, they are an important source of shared learning, and a dynamic learning environment.

An Exceptional Alumni Network

After graduation, Executive MBA alumni engage in a wide-reaching international network of lasting professional contacts. Graduates organize periodic forums for alumni networking and lifelong learning. The EMBA program plans educational and social events and maintains a current searchable alumni database.

Philanthropic Commitment

Since its inauguration in May 2000, the BU EMBA Charitable Fund has received contributions from each Executive MBA class. By establishing this fund, alumni give back to the community a portion of the quality education the BU EMBA community has provided them.