Team Learning Throughout EMBA

Team learning is a cornerstone of the Boston University EMBA experience—both within and beyond the classroom. Faculty teams work together to deliver core subject material and create an effective team learning environment.

EMBA students take part in study teams, teaming exercises, and team feedback throughout the program.

And throughout it all, we offer ample support to help participants capitalize on the power of teams.

The Team Learning Course

Running throughout the entire program, we teach a Team Learning course that helps students operate more effectively in team-based environments.

As a whole, the course is oriented towards helping you leverage the power of teams, both as a team member and leader.

In particular, the course covers:

  • Contracting
  • Peer feedback
  • Assessment of group process
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making

Team Learning in the Capstone Project

In your second year, you further build on your core team skills with a team project called Capstone.

The capstone project requires each team to develop a plan for the creation of a new business opportunity. This final team process incorporates, and helps you develop skills in:

  • Observation
  • Customer contact
  • Strategic thinking
  • Improvement efforts

Team Learning Support Resources

Working as part of a team can be an exhilarating but sometimes exasperating experience. We don’t expect you to do it alone. To help make your team cohere successfully, we offer various support resources, including:

  • Team counseling
  • Peer facilitation with a Team Learning Faculty Coordinator
  • Team learning study rooms