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A different kind of management school

Are we a good fit for you? Our students are active, involved, and eager to learn. They’re friendly as a group, but driven. They come here for a different kind of education, one that looks at organizations not as a conglomeration of separate departments, but rather as a unified whole. They’re seeking an experience that prepares them for the rapidly evolving, hotly competitive business landscape; not business as usual.

They buy into our mission of creating value for the world, where socially responsible and ethical behavior is an integral part of organizational decisions.

Being different has its rewards. Admission to our management programs has been increasingly competitive. The result is that recruiters find our graduates increasingly attractive. Come see for yourself.

Upcoming Webinar: The Future of the BU MBA

The Future of the BU MBA – with Dean Kenneth Freeman
Thursday, August 21 – Register

Whether you are just starting the MBA admissions process or have been preparing your application for admission, we invite you to attend this webinar from 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST.

Listen to Dean Kenneth Freeman discuss what makes BU unique, the vision for the school and the direction in which he sees the school going.


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The Graduate Admission team is here to support you during the admission process, and to make the experience as transparent as possible while maintaining your privacy. Explore our portfolio of programs and contact us with questions at (617) 353-2670 or email. We’re also on Chat on MSN/AIM/ Yahoo/Google—our screen name is BostonUMBA. We look forward to speaking with you soon!