Classroom-Based Field Projects

BU PNP students gain hands-on consulting experience through classroom-based field projects:

Management Consulting Projects:

In OB840: Management Consulting Field Project, students apply business consulting skills to help nonprofits solve complex problems. Learn more by visiting our Consulting Services page.

OB840: Management Consulting Field Project Description

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the management consulting process and its practical application. The course simulates a small consulting firm where students are consultants. Students complete significant fieldwork outside of classroom time. Students explore dimensions of defining and understanding the consulting framework, engagements, work methodology, client relationship management, value creation, developing and delivering presentations and client follow-up. This course includes one primary deliverable: the initiation, scoping and completion of a consulting field project. This class is designed and best suited for second year students who have 3-5 years work experience in the public, private or nonprofit sectors.

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneurship course is designed to: (1) explore the concepts, practices, opportunities, and challenges of social entrepreneurship; (2) provide frameworks and tools that will help students be more effective in this sector; and (3) provide an opportunity for students to create a business plan for an earned income venture of a nonprofit organization or a new social enterprise.

In the business plan project, student teams will partner with external organizations.  Students will identify and analyze opportunities, resources, and risks and apply skills from marketing, accounting, organizational behavior, strategy and other disciplines. Special emphasis will be placed on aspects of business planning and organizational strategy that are particularly challenging or distinctive in the social sector, including mission definition, leadership, organizational structure, raising capital, and measuring results.