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Turning ambiguity into findings

Research doesn’t fit into a neat category. Management challenges deal with real people working in complex, rapidly changing economies and communities. At SMG faculty are teacher-scholars who work with you across disciplines to seek answers to management problems—problems that solve relevant organizational issues and take into account the larger effects on our communities.That’s what sets Boston University School of Management apart—an open atmosphere where we tackle the big questions, together.

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No matter the program, you’ll learn multiple inquiry methods and how to craft your questions, structure your inquiry process, and analyze the date. With 7 PhD specialty areas and hundreds of ways to break out of that area you’ll be prepared to tackle the most challenging questions that matter most to you and our society.

Application Quickguide

Application Requirements More information & Next Steps Questions? We’re happy to help.
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Official University-Level Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE scores
  • PhD in Mathematical Finance applicants will need to complete a prerequisite form (not required for PhD in Management)

It all comes together in Boston

The best universities in the world. Startups and industry leaders in biotech, digital technology, sustainability, social enterprise, health care. You’ll find the best of everything here. Boston has an entrepreneurial spirit and the expertise to make ideas a reality. Coming to BU means putting yourself in the heart of a thriving intellectual community. This is a place where you work across disciplines, industries, and borders to understand the forces transforming our world, be challenged by the brightest minds, and make invaluable connections everyday.

Research Projects & Opportunities:

  • Digital Field Experiments

    Designing and analyzing large-scale randomized experiments in digital, platform and online social network environments to understanding economic and behavioral processes, such as measuring social influence and estimating the dynamics of contagious phenomena. Contact – Dylan Walker

  • Retail Analytics

    What are the factors that are responsible for a purchase being returned? How do we uncover different paths the customers take to a purchase? These are some of the questions we are seeking to answer in this project using large customer activity datasets. The insights and methods developed in this... [ More ]

  • Understanding Consumption in the New Sharing Economy

    For much of its existence, humanity operated with a shared economy model. The lack of resources and the daily fight for survival required that early hunter gathers and agricultural communities pool resources in a manner that reduced waste and extracted the maximum value from a limited pool of resources. With... [ More ]

  • What Does Reputation Buy in the Options Market? The Effect of Reporting Consistency on Ex Ante Uncertainty.

    We show that firms, which deliver continuous strings of meeting or beating earnings expectations, experience reduced uncertainty in the marketplace. This suggests that managerial reputation for repeatedly hitting such earnings targets is priced by the options markets. This paper is targeted for publication in a top accounting research... [ More ]

  • Do Boards Exercise Discretion to Reduce Costly Ex Post Settling Up?

    We show that boards of directors use their discretion to minimize compensation given to senior executives for unrealized gains – that is, gains reported by the firm but not yet realized in cash. This is important, as boards wish to avoid paying executives for gains that fail to materialize, [ More ]


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