Doctoral Programs

PhD in Management | PhD in Mathematical Finance

With the nation’s highest concentration of institutions of higher learning, Greater Boston colleges have unique opportunities. In particular, Boston University shares the Charles River with MIT and Harvard, and the management faculty of all three benefit from the “Charles River effect” of mutual interests and collegial collaboration. Kendall Square, also right on the Charles, is the area’s technology business magnet, and provides research and commercial opportunities for faculty and students alike.

It’s what you find in a city that values intellect, innovation, and the shared pursuit of knowledge.

Located in one of the nation’s leading technology centers, Boston’s top schools are also working on the latest advances in the strategic uses of technology, biotech, bioscience, information systems, IT’s growing role in business management, and its greater implications for society. In addition, the local entrepreneurial community is extremely active in energy and environmentally sustainable development.

BU itself is unusual in that faculty collaborate on research across the University’s various schools and colleges. Professors and students from management, engineering, communications, and medical and health sciences frequently work together on joint projects.

To attend BU is to place yourself in the heart of a thriving intellectual community.

What’s different here.

At Boston University, doctoral students find an open atmosphere, where fellow teacher-scholars often work across disciplines to seek answers to management problems. The goal among the faculty is to go after the “big questions” –those that not only solve organizational challenges, but which also take into account the larger effects on communities and society.

No research problem falls into a neat category. Therefore, the faculty teach multiple methods of inquiry. In the first two years, as students take the core courses in their major, they also learn how to shape a research question, how to structure the inquiry process, and how to analyze the data to reduce ambiguity in findings. In total, you’ll take five courses in research methods and design.

The Boston University Organizations Seminar (BOS) is an interdisciplinary speaker series run by the Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, and Strategy and Innovation departments at the School. The purpose of BOS is to stimulate the School’s research community by showcasing varied perspectives on organizations that cross departmental boundaries. BOS builds on the shared interests in the study of organizations, their processes, and members across academic disciplines. More specifically, it builds on our faculty’s strength in meso-level research and qualitative research methods.

By bringing together the intellectual capital of three departments, this seminar helps to build a community marked by scholarly curiosity, and one that aids in the intellectual and professional development of faculty and doctoral students within and outside of Boston University.

Doctoral students attend the BOS seminars as part of the Pro-Seminar required course. Following each presentation, doctoral students meet with the visiting speaker for lunch, providing opportunities to talk about research and life as a scholar with luminaries from the field.

Faculty Directors for the Doctoral Programs:

Lloyd Baird, Faculty Director – PhD in Management
Ahmad Namini, Faculty Director – PhD in Mathematical Finance

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