Recent Dissertations

Jingshu Liu, 2014, Two Essays on Risk and Uncertainty: Bayesian Inference for Affine Terms Structure Models and Optimal Robust Portfolio Choice (MF, Chair: Marcel Rindisbacher)

Mahfuja Malik, 2014, The Impact of Targets’ Social Performance on  Acquisition Premiums (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon )

Wasinee Thammasiri, 2014, Auditor-Client Distance: Determinants and Implications for Audit Quality (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Mustafa Arsal, 2013, Governance in Online Communities of Artistic Cultural Production (IS, Chair: Paul Carlile)

Wei-Chuan Kao, 2013, Characteristics and Performance of Research and Development Tax Credit Users (AC, Chair: Kumar Sivakumar)

Soyean Kim, 2013, Can You Persuade 100,000 Strangers on Social Media?: The Effect of Self-Disclosure on Persuasion (MK, Chairs: Barbara Bickart and Frederic Brunel)

Lin-Hui Yu, 2013, The Effects of Firm-Initiated Clawback Provisions on Earnings Management (AC, Chair: Edward Riedl)

Li-Wu Hsu, 2012, The Role of Social Media and Brand Equity During a Product Recall Crisis: A Shareholder Value Perspective (MK, Chair: Shuba Srinivasan)

Kyungho Kim, 2012, Corporate Environmental Strategy, Environmental Performance, and Financial Performance in the U.S.A Heavy Polluting Industries, 1991 – 2005 (SI, Chair: Kenneth Hatten)

Jina Mao, 2012, Managing the Self in Low Wage Service Jobs: A Case of Fast Food Work (OB, Chair: Karen Golden-Biddle)

Nopmanee Tepalgul, 2012, Audit Completion Phase: Determinants and Implications for Audit Quality (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Chunlai Ye, 2012, Tax Reserves, Auditor-Provided Tax Services and FIN 48 (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Amy Gannon, 2011, On Becoming an Entrepreneur: Exploring How African American Business Owners Construct Their Identities (OB, Chair: Kathy Kram)

Benjamin Lawrence, 2011, Identity in Franchise Organizations (MK, Chair: Patrick Kaufmann)

Muhammad Mehdi, 2011, Aligning Specialty Steel Supply Chain in the US with a New Online Binpacking Algorithm (OTM, Chair: Sean Willems)

Jie Zhang, 2011, Environmental Sustainability of Service Supply Chains: Contract Design and Evidence on Operating Performance in the U.S. Hospitality Industry (OTM, Chair: Nitin R. Joglekar)

Rishtee Kumar Batra, 2009, When Very Good Looks Kill: An Examination of Consumer Response to Visually Attractive Product Design (MK, Chairs: Frederic Brunel & Sucharita Chandran)

Anthony Briggs, 2009, Novelty Bound: Three Essays on the Sharing and Assessing of Knowledge in Entrepreneurial Discovery (IS, Chair: Paul Carlile)

Hille Bruns, 2009, Composing Synthesis: Developing Knowledge in Cross-Domain Collaboration (OB, Chair: Lloyd Baird)

Jane Davies, 2009, The Value of Flexibility: Theory, Validation, and Application in the Clean Energy Industry (OTM, Chair: Nitin Joglekar)

David Dreyfus, 2009, Digital Cement: Information System Architecture, Complexity, and Flexibility (IS, Chair: John Henderson)

Nancy Feng, 2010, Determinants and Economic Consequences of Going Concern Audit Opinions in Nonprofit Organizations (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Paulo Figueiredo, 2010, Managing the Product Development Pipeline (OTM, Chair: Nitin Joglekar)

Amy Gannon, 2011, On Becoming an Entrepreneur: Exploring How African-American Business Owners Construct Their Identities (OB, Chair: Kathy Kram)

Mireya Las Heras, 2009, Psychological Career Success, Preferred Success Set and its Dynamism Over Time (OB, Chair: Douglas T. Hall)

Benjamin Lawrence, 2011, Identity in Franchise Organizations (MK, Chair: Patrick Kaufmann)

Ling Lin, 2010, Institutional Ownership Composition and Accounting Conservatism (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Linda Boardman Liu, 2010, Technical and Functional Quality: Empirical Studies of Provider and Customer Perceptions of Service Quality (OTM, Chair: Janelle Heineke)

Kevin Lopes, 2009, Organizational Agility: Exploring how the US Coast Guard chooses and implements effective courses of action (OB, Chair: William Kahn)

Pavinee Manowan, 2010, Dual Class Ownership Structure and Managerial Entrenchment (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Anne Quaadgras, 2009, What’s the problem? Developing a taxonomy of problem recognition in an operational distributed work environment (IS, Chair: John Henderson)

Yan Shen, 2010, Expatriates’ developmental networks: A person-network fit perspective (OB, Chair: Aimin Yan)

Jennifer Walske, 2009, Factors Associated with Early Firm Performance: Human Capital, Social Capital, and Initial Firm Strategy (SP, Chair: Kenneth Hatten)

Yu Kun, 2009, Key determinants of new entrant success within venture capital (AC, Chair: Kumar Sivakumar)

Arati Srinivasan, 2010, The Dynamics of Platform-based Competition during Periods of Architectural Shifts (IS, Chair: N.Venkatraman)

Carol Theokary, 2010, Service Quality and Cost Efficiency: Some Empirical Investigations in the U.S. Healthcare Industry (OTM, Chair: Justin Ren)

Fiona Wilson, 2009, Socially conscious capitalism: A study of hybrid ventures (SP, Chair: James Post)

Jing (Crystal) Xu, 2009, R&D Investment around CEO Turnover (AC, Chair: Krishnagopal Menon)

Jie Zhang, 2011, Environmental Sustainability of Service Supply Chains: Contract Design and Evidence on Operating Performance in the U.S. Hospitality Industry (OTM, Chair: Nitin Joglekar)


Funded Research

A Game Theoretical Analysis of Owner-Operator Relationship in US Hospitality Industry

An Empirical Analysis of Operating Sustainability Frontier in US Hospitality Industry

Antecedents and Outcomes of Social Identification in Franchise Systems

Brand Flings and the Transitional Self

Curriculum Paper Research on Experiences of Daily Rhythms

Developing Efficient Heuristics for the Two-Dimensional Online Bin Packing Problem

Employees’ Brand Experience: Brand Champions in Sales

Firm Valuation and Risk with Application to Dual Distribution in Franchised Channels

Going Concern Audit Reports in Non Profit Organizations

How Brand Portfolio Strategy Affects Firm Value and Risk

How Do Consumers Use Reviews to Make Choices: The Effects of Information Source and Information Consistency on Decision Making

How Shopping Goals and Expertise Disclosure Affect the Persuasiveness of Online Consumer Reviews

Identity Construction in Highly Structured Work

Meeting of Old and New Media in Turkey

Preferential Attachment Decisions of Third-Party Complementors in the Smart Phone Ecosystem

Relational Construction of Legitimacy: The Case of the Cape Wind Project

Working to Maintain Professional Identity

Funded Conferences

Conferences attended by PhD students, funded by the PhD programs 2013-2014.

Academy of International Business (AIB)
Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference
American Accounting Association (AAA) Auditing Section Consortium
American Accounting Association (AAA) Doctoral Consortium
American Accounting Association (AAA) Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting
American Accounting Association (AAA) Northeast Region Meeting
American Accounting Association (AAA) Ohio Region Meeting
American Accounting Association (AAA) Public Interest Section Meeting
American Accounting Association Annual Meeting (AAA)
American Marketing Association (AMA) 2014 Marketing and Public Policy Conference
American Marketing Association (AMA) Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, Northwestern University
Association for Consumer Research (ACR) 2013 Annual North American Conference
Boston Community Meeting of Field Researchers, hosted by Boston University
Boston University Scholars Day, Boston
Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making
Brands & Brand Relationships (BBR) Conference
Charles River Distinguished Speaker and Doctoral Student Conference on Technology and Innovation at Harvard Business School
Conference of the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research
Consortium of Competition and Collaboration (CCC) Conference, Boston University
Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting (DSI)
MMA Fall Educators’ Conference Doctoral Student Teaching Consortium
DRUID Conference on Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Annual Meeting
IAJBS World Forum at South Korea (Social enterprise and global sustainability session
INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research
INFORMS Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences Annual Meeting
INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) Marketing Science Conference
International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
Management Theory Conference
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Conference
Marketing Science Institute Trustees Meeting
Production and Operations Management Society’s (POMS) Annual Meeting
Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Winter Conference
Statistical Challenges in eCommerce Research Symposium
Strategic Management Society Special Conference on Microfoundation
The European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) annual conference
The Paris Colloquium & International Journal of Human Resource Management, Paris, France
The Psychology of Design Conference
Workshop for Information Systems and Economics (WISE)